Bluetooth Earbuds Sleep Headphones Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Headphones for Sleeping Headphones for Side Sleepers (Circle White)


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sleep headphonessleep headphones

sleep earbudssleep earbuds

sleep headphonessleep headphones

sleep headphonessleep headphones

sleep headphonessleep headphones

Earbuds for side sleepers

The sleeping headphones are small and light, and comfortable to lie on one side. The sleeping earbuds is only 0.4 inches, with a total weight of 3.2 grams and a flat body. They are naturally attached to the ear and can be hidden in the ear when worn. There is no pressure and discomfort when you lie on your side. You can sleep comfortably all night. Sleep earbuds are designed for sleepers and your sleep partner.

noise reduction for sleeping

The sleep headphones effectively cancel noise and take care of your sleep. The sleep earbuds feature automatic noise cancellation that effectively cancels out ambient noise. Whether you are taking a lunch break in the office, taking a nap on the bus or subway, traveling on business or sleeping every day, it can take care of your sleep and give you a quiet and comfortable environment to enjoy sleep.

Bluetooth 5.0 &widely compatible

The newly upgraded bluetooth 5.0 chip is embedded in the sleeping headphones, which makes the connection more stable. It can move freely within 32 feet without jamming. Sleep earbuds can be widely compatible with a variety of devices. As long as your mobile phone, tablet, computer and other devices have bluetooth function, they can almost be paired.

sleep headphonessleep headphones

sleep headphonessleep headphones

sleep headphonessleep headphones

long battery life

The sleeping headphones can be full charged in 1.5 hours and can listen to music continuously for 7 hours at a time. The charging box can provide an additional 2.5 times of earbuds charging power, providing up to 24 hours of ultra-long battery life. Whether it’s a work lunch break, a business trip break, or a daily sleep use, it can meet your needs throughout the day. Upgrade the Type-C interface for faster and more convenient charging.

HIFI sound quality

The sleeping headphones give you a cinematic sound experience. This sleep earbuds adopts a 0.3937 inch titanium-plated diaphragm unit, which is full of three-frequency expressiveness, deeply restores the details of music, full of shock in low frequency, and transparent in medium and high frequency, giving you the enjoyment of i Max immersive audio,help you sleep better.

lightweight & portable

The sleeping headphones are small and lightweight, making them easy to carry when you go out. The charging box of the sleep headphones can be used as a storage box, so it can be easily put into your pocket and will not add any burden when going out.

sleep headphonessleep headphones


[Comfortable wear] The flat design of the sleeping headphones is comfortable and light to wear, only 0.4 inch thick, which can be hidden in the ears, and it will not be exposed when sleeping on the side, which produces the feeling of pressing against the ears.
[Extreme sound quality] There is a 0.393 inch titanium-plated composite vibration film hidden in the small sleeping headphones. The stable sound cares for your sleep. The low sound range helps you fall asleep faster and sleep more sweetly.
[Bluetooth 5.0] The sleeping headphones uses Bluetooth 5.0 chip, which gives you a wider transmission range, a more stable signal, and a lower instantaneous delay. You don’t need to carry your mobile phone when you go to the bathroom when you go to bed, and it can also display your favorite songs or the sounds of birds, rain, and waves.
[Long battery life] The sleeping headphones with the charging box can provide you with 24 hours of use time, whether you are sleeping or going out, you don’t need to worry about battery issues all day long.
[Warming Remind]Thank you for your support of ESSONIO sleeping headphones. We have a one-month free return and exchange service and three-months value preservation service. In case of a price reduction, you can apply for a refund of the difference. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time. We will reply you as soon as possible.


Bluetooth Earbuds Sleep Headphones Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Headphones for Sleeping Headphones for Side Sleepers (Circle White)
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