Bulk Headphones for Classroom (10 Pack) – Premium On-Ear Kids Headphones for School: Best for Students Grades 6-12 in Classrooms (Crisp Clear Audio, Comfortable Fit, Noise Reducing, Easy to Clean)


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Classroom Headphones - BackgroundClassroom Headphones - Background

Barks Tech - Premium Classroom HeadphonesBarks Tech - Premium Classroom Headphones

How did we get our start?

We all enjoy listening to headphones that are durable and sound great. Why can’t classroom headphones be the same way? From the start we set out to offer premium classroom headphones that fit any budget.

What makes our products unique?

Our headphones are specifically designed for students of all ages. We’ve incorporated stronger wires, plastics and connectors, all while keeping costs down and quality up.

Why do we love what we do?

We take great pride in supporting our youth and working with teachers all across the nation. Supporting learning and education is our passion.

Premium Classroom Headphones

Barks Tech - LogoBarks Tech - Logo

Barks Tech is a small, family-owned company based out of Phoenix, Arizona right here in the USA. We pride themselves on offering the best bulk headphones.

We offer premium classroom headphones for all ages and grade levels that fit any budget.

We’re constantly improving and making our products better. Our customer support is 100% USA-based, helpful and here to support you after your purchase.

Bulk Headphones With Microphone - Bulk Classroom HeadphonesBulk Headphones With Microphone - Bulk Classroom Headphones

What problem are we solving?

We know how hard it can be to find good bulk headphones for classroom use. Whether we call them student headphones or school headphones, one thing is for sure – they need to withstand the wear and tear of daily classroom activities.

Classroom headphones that you can build a classroom set of headphones from are getting more important as technology advances.

Additionally, a balanced combination of quality and low cost can also be hard to find. While we wouldn’t necessarily refer to our headphones as cheap headphones, we work hard to make sure they fit any size budget.

Bulk Headphones for ClassroomBulk Headphones for Classroom

Who are Barks Headphones for?

Put simply, our Barks Headphones are built specifically for classrooms. Headphones for kids for school are quickly becoming classroom must haves. Our youth headphones are designed for students of all ages, grades K-12 and beyond.

Barks bulk headphones are durable, medium-quality headphones that are easily worked into any school budget. Long-lasting and strong, they are a top choice as headphones for school.

If you’re looking for a class set of headphones for students, we’re ready to help you build yours today. We would love the opportunity to earn your business!

PREMIUM BULK HEADPHONES — Durable, functional class set headphones are becoming increasingly important in today’s technology enhanced classrooms, for K-12 and beyond. Our 10 pack of bulk school headphones for students and kids help greatly enhance focus, learning, and standardized testing experiences.
UPGRADED, COMFORTABLE, QUALITY — We pride ourselves on offering high quality, premium headphones at an affordable bulk price, and stand behind their dependable usability and great sound quality. One size fits all grade levels comfortably and effectively. Our upgraded headphones are easy to adjust, clean and care for. These aren’t your typical cheap headphones.
MULTI-USE, WIRED CLASS SETS — We recommend purchasing as many packs as you need at once for a variety of learning environments. With upgraded speakers, a durable, braided cable and excellent longevity, this model is perfect for most applications. We supply many classrooms, libraries, computer labs, businesses, museums, art galleries, schools, and universities, for use with media players, apps, laptops, tablets, listening stations, computers, in offices and more. Top-rated headphones bulk pack.
NOISE REDUCING TECHNOLOGY — Our headphones effortlessly enhance student focus, lesson retention and overall learning. Combining listening with interactive lessons is one of the best ways to improve the brain’s ability to take in information, process it, and retain it. Our headphone models are constantly being improved upon as we receive feedback from our customers.

Bulk Headphones for Classroom (10 Pack) – Premium On-Ear Kids Headphones for School: Best for Students Grades 6-12 in Classrooms (Crisp Clear Audio, Comfortable Fit, Noise Reducing, Easy to Clean)
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