Cel-Fi GO Marine | Mobile Cellular Signal Booster for Commercial vessles, Leisure and Fishing Boats | Approved for use on All Major US Carriers

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Product Description

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The Cel-Fi GO Marine is the most powerful multi-user cell phone signal booster for boats and marine vehicles with +70dB gain! Compatible 4G LTE & 3G Networks: AT&T, Verizon 4G, T-Mobile, Sprint and US Cellular. It features the IntelliBoost technology which allows it to automatically adjust to the fast changing cellular network conditions as you move.

The kit was designed by Signal Unlimited, a Cel-Fi Authorized Partner, and includes everything you need for a simple installation.

GO+ MarineGO+ Marine

The Cel-Fi Difference:


more powermore power

better monitoringbetter monitoring

Multi-User Mobile Coverage.

+30 dB gain (1000x) for stationary mode and +20 dB gain (100x) for mobile mode compared to the competition.

Cel-Fi WAVE App allows for remote monitoring, carrier/mode switching and easy installation.

marine kitmarine kit

The Cel-Fi GO Marine Complete Kit

The Cel-Fi GO Marine is a three-part system featuring an external marine omni antenna, +70 dB amplifier, and an interior wideband patch server antenna for complete marine coverage for multiple users.

1 x Cel-Fi GO 1 x External Marine Omni Antenna1 x Interior Wideband Patch Server Antenna1 x Power Supply1 x Manual

The Cel-Fi GO Marine is a great buy for anyone looking to do away with poor signal problems while on the go. Installation is simple, and hard-mounting the marine antenna takes only a few minutes.


Cel-Fi WAVE App for Switching Carriers and Modes

Cel-Fi WAVE is the software application and cloud-based portal solution used for registering, setting-up, optimizing, remotely monitoring, and updating the Cel-Fi hardware. Available on iOS, Android, Tencent, PC and Mac devices.

Key Features:

Change carrier being boosted.Select the booster technology (3G, 4G) setup and external antenna, configure the antenna position and more.Determine the best outdoor antenna location with the “Antenna Position Test.”Get real-time data and performance metrics for troubleshooting devices.

Cel-Fi GO Installation

omni antennaomni antenna

server antennaserver antenna

GO unitGO unit

use the appuse the app

01. Install Marine Omni Antenna

Mount antenna outdoors. Make sure you consider the entire system and require cable lengths.

02. Install Server Antenna

Install in the cabin where coverage is needed.

03. Mount & Connect Cel-Fi GO

Find a good mounting location in your cabin. Make sure it has airflow and is within reach of the 12V power supply on your cabin. Connect all cable and power on.

04. Set up System with Cel-Fi WAVE

Use the Cel-Fi WAVE app on the smartphone with Bluetooth enabled to connect to the Cel-Fi GO system and manage the boost settings or switch to the desirec carrier or mode.

THE BEST BOOST: The Cel-Fi GO Marine cellular signal booster has everything you need to stay connected on the go. The smart signal booster mobile applications is the premium solution for multi-band on-the-water connectivity. Compatible with all smart devices on all major US carriers the Cel-Fi GO Marine signal booster amplifies your specific signal without interference.
EASY INSTALL: Enhance your existing 3G and 4G LTE service with Cel-Fi GO Marine signal booster in 5 easy steps. (1) Install the donor antenna, (2) then server antenna, (3) mount Cel-Fi GO, (4) connect donor and server antennas to the Cel-Fi unit, then (5) connect donor and server antennas to the Cel-Fi GO Marine unit.
THE CEL-FI SOLUTION: The Cel-Fi GO Marine cellular signal booster gets the best possible signal for YOU because it works exclusively with your carrier. The Cel-Fi GO Marine singles out your carrier’s bands for the biggest gain and ensures that your signal isn’t held up in the traffic of other carriers. If you switch providers, you can update your preferences in a flash with the Cel-Fi WAVE app.
FCC APPROVED – With 100 dB max gain in stationary mode and 65 dB max gain in mobile mode, the Cel-Fi GO meets all FCC requirements and will not harm the carrier network. With 22dBm uplink power and 16 dBm downlink power, this carrier-grade solution will give up to 1000x stronger boost than other boosters, making it the most powerful solution on the market today.


Cel-Fi GO Marine | Mobile Cellular Signal Booster for Commercial vessles, Leisure and Fishing Boats | Approved for use on All Major US Carriers


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