CHANGAIDA 12 Inch Phone Screen Amplifier Foldable Phone Holder Black


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It uses film projection of the physical optics technology, using acrylic swirls hd lenses, moment will enlarge the phone’s screen for 3 to 5 times, light, lucid, protect your eyes from hurt. The product design innovation, fashion beautiful, easy to carry, whether at home, office, car, travel, are you no choice! Say goodbye to the bow (usually with a mobile phone). Reminder: the best distance to watch the video is 1.5 meters-3 meters! Please do not use or store it in the sun erunder strong light.
1.High-definition zoom clear shock vision–Using the physical optics technology of film projection, the mobile phone picture is put 3-5 times larger, clear pictures, bright colors, shocking 3D vision enjoyAccept, as in cinema.
2.Easy to use–After turning on the amplifier, you only need to put the phone on it to get a good visual effect.
3. Spiral pattern mirror radiation protection The use of acrylic high-definition lenses, not easy to fragmentation, spiral optics Amplification,prevent glare derivatives, protect the stable and clear picture, but also Effective prevention of mobile phone radiation and uftraviolet radiation during watching The harm of human body. Reduce visual fatigue.
4.Curved screen design angle adjustable using the curved surface screen design fashion, enhance your stereo feeling, what angles are three-dimensionsl cear, like a mini TV. Support for all sizes of mabile devices.
5.It would be a good choice to give it to a friend as a gift.

CHANGAIDA 12 Inch Phone Screen Amplifier Foldable Phone Holder Black
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