HD 3D Mobile Phone Screen TV Magnifier Amplifier Mini Retro Small 8 Inches Magnifying Glass with Foldable Holder Stand for Any Smartphone Movie Video


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There are other products in daily life for you to choose from. We welcome you to shop and wish you happiness every day. [High quality magnifying glass for you] Our magnifying glass allows you to read books, print, identify jewelry and other close-up work and high-precision tasks more comfortable and convenient. Our magnifying glass is clear and comfortable to use, and is designed for the elderly, children, professionals, enthusiasts, low vision people and patients with macular degeneration. It can also be presented as a gift to friends, parents, elders, and leaders. It is extremely valuable and reflects your concern for them! [ Stylish and comfortable, feel comfortable] The high-quality brown high-grade carton mirror reveals an elegant and exquisite atmosphere. The exquisite and fashionable shape makes you use more comfortable and natural. The 8-inch large screen makes your viewing experience very good, whether it is used by yourself or as a gift to friends and relatives. It is your best choice! [Product Specifications] Name: Retro TV mobile phone screen magnifier Multiple: 2~4 times Product material: optical acrylic lens / high-grade carton Screen size: 8 inches Weight: 8.82 ounces (250G) Product size: 7.87*7.09*3.03 inches (200*180*77MM) Features: Foldable 8-inch large screen Square Brown optional Retro TV Uses: indoor, outdoor, travel, bathroom, restaurant, elderly, children, people with low vision [tip] Our products only have a magnifying glass and do not contain a mobile phone. The mobile phone is only used as a shooting prop. Please check the color, quantity, style and other parameters of the product before buying. The magnifying glass is taken in kind. Due to the difference in light during shooting or the error caused by the display, there may be a slight color difference from the actual object. The error is 1-2CM, which is a reasonable range.
The magnifying glass has been carefully crafted and post-packaged. If you have any problems with the goods, please contact us in time to ensure that you can use the best quality products.
[High quality and high definition] 3d mobile phone screen folding magnifier selects high-definition optical lens, high transparency, small dispersion coefficient, clear imaging, adjust the distance between mobile phone and lens, can be enlarged by 2~4 times, the picture is realistic, dynamic, and detailed clearer.
[Excellently made] The desktop portable tablet magnifying glass case is made of high-grade carton material. The texture is light and sturdy. It is designed with mobile phone fixing bracket. It is firmly supported to liberate the hands. It adopts a fully enclosed design to effectively prevent the screen from being reflected, making the zooming more realistic and clear. Stylish crafts
[large mirror] Retro TV styling magnifying glass adopts high-transparency optical lens, which can effectively resist the harmful effects of reflection, radiation and ultraviolet rays, protect the eyes and reduce eye fatigue. The mirror size is up to 8 inches, the viewing angle is wide, the viewing is comfortable, and the visual effect is excellent.
[Designed by heart] The indoor and outdoor magnifying glass adopts a foldable design. When not in use, the magnifying glass can be folded, easy to store, convenient to save space, and no need to charge energy saving and environmental protection, it is the best choice for travel.


HD 3D Mobile Phone Screen TV Magnifier Amplifier Mini Retro Small 8 Inches Magnifying Glass with Foldable Holder Stand for Any Smartphone Movie Video
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