RadiArmor EMF Blocking Cell Phone Sleeve – EMF Blocking Pouch That Fits Most Cell Phones – Updated Version (Black, Large)


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Product Description

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As a leader in EMF protection and cell phone radiation shielding, RadiArmor has been dedicated to helping people lower their EMF exposure based on scientific principles and the latest technology. From our classic air-tube headphones to cases and canopies, all our products are based on scientific research and tested by a certified and independent laboratory. Our focus is always on practical products that offer effective or real EMF reduction to you.


While many companies report how much EMF their material blocks, RadiArmor also reports the effective or real reduction you can expect to receive. For example, RadiArmor’s EMF blocking material has been lab tested to block over 99% of high frequency RF radiation. However, this is different from the effective reduction you’re likely to receive.

Wrapping your entire phone in EMF blocking material is similar to putting your phone in airplane mode, rendering it useless. To get real protection while still being able to use your phone, the EMF blocking material must be between you and the source. For optimal effective protection, we apply our material throughout the entire backside of the sleeve only. This still provides a significant reduction of 91% to 96% to you without compromising your reception.


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EMF Protection

Your phone is constantly emitting EMF radiation, even in standby mode. RadiArmor Anti-Radiation Sleeve offers protection where it matters while still allowing you to use your phone.

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Newly Updated Version

This is the newly updated version with reinforced stitching and thicker 3 mm stretchable neoprene for improved protection and durability. Measures 7 inches long by 4.15 inches wide. Fits most cell phones, including larger size phones such as iPhone Plus, Samsung Galaxy + and Google Pixel XL series.

Access to portsAccess to ports

Access All Your Ports

Velcro flap is designed to neatly tuck inside the sleeve so you can easily use your headphones and access all your ports.

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Belt Loop

The backside features a flexible belt loop that fits most belts and arm bands.

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Access to portsAccess to ports

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Since many companies make exaggerated claims, we’re always happy when customers test our products. Getting started: RadiArmor’s EMF shielding is highly effective, so many EMF readers will register the EMF from the reader itself bouncing back from the shielding material. To rule this out, please test the sleeve WITHOUT your phone first. (Note: A high EMF reading without your phone in the sleeve is an indication of the effectiveness of our shielding technology). Next, we recommend using a reader that detects high frequency RF radiation. This is the kind of EMF that is most commonly associated with potential health risks according to studies. When conducting your test, please remember that the shielding is on the backside. Since signals can spike wildly during a call you can test your phone by connecting to Bluetooth for a more stable signal. If possible, we recommend analog readers that show real-time measurement. Many digital readers only show peaks and have a considerable time delay.

HOW IT WORKS: Only the backside of our EMF blocking sleeve is lined with our proprietary EMF blocking material, which is lab tested and verified by a third-party source. This creates an EMF blocking barrier between you and your phone while still ensuring normal cell phone reception.
UNIVERSAL FIT: RadiArmor’s EMF blocking sleeve is made of flexible neoprene and measures 7.1 inches long by 4.15 inches wide. Fits most cell phones, including larger size phones such as Samsung Galaxy S10 and iPhone Plus and more.
INTEGRITY: Most companies who claim 99% EMF reduction refer to their EMF blocking fabric, not the EMF reduction you receive. Some companies even sell stickers and pendants with a tiny piece of EMF blocking material and claim 99% reduction, but the real reduction to you is zero or sometimes worse, especially if applied to the back of your phone. RadiArmor only sells products that provide real protection and is based on scientific principles.

RadiArmor EMF Blocking Cell Phone Sleeve – EMF Blocking Pouch That Fits Most Cell Phones – Updated Version (Black, Large)
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